This is the Complete Doctor Strange – the ultimate resource for Doctor Strange comic book appearances.

Yes, there are many fantastic sites and databases that claim to list every chronological comic book appearance of Doctor Strange, but I have found them to be either incomplete or wrong in many of their listings, or simply too labyrinthine to find the information I was looking for (eg. the most recent appearance, or whether an issue has Doc on the cover).

Being a Doctor Strange fan and collector for over 30 years, what began as a simple reading/collector’s list of a few hundred issues, slowly grew into a more ambitious project – a truly comprehensive list of all Doctor Strange-related comics including not only appearances and cameos, but flashbacks, mentions, reprints and advertisements, all in a clear, and concise format.

The Complete Doctor Strange currently only includes information on the original American editions and collected editions published by Marvel Comics, as well as Portuguese and Brazilian editions. Information on other foreign editions (eg. from The UK, France, Germany, Spain) is extremely welcome and you will, of course, be given credit for your work.

Naturally, much of the content on the site will be of most interest to Doctor Strange collectors rather than more casual readers simply looking for a chronological reading order. There are better resources for this:

Marvel Chronology Project

The Complete Marvel Reading Order


Finally, the following sites provided a lot of help in the early days of the list, for which I am grateful:

Marvel Wikia


Howard Hallis

I have personally verified the vast majority of the listings on The Complete Doctor Strange, but it is a work in progress and any comments, suggestions, corrections and additions are always welcome and valued – please use the contact form to get in touch with me.